Participation of the PABSEC Delegation in the Monitoring of the Early Parliamentary Elections and Bulgarian Elections to the European Parliament, 9 June 2024

The PABSEC Delegation composed of Mr. Ramaz Nikolaishvili, PABSEC Vice-President, member of the PABSEC Georgian Delegation, Mr. Igor Becic, Head of the PABSEC Serbian Delegation and Mr. Asaf Hajiyev, PABSEC Secretary General, took part in the observation mission of the early parliamentary elections and Bulgarian elections to the European Parliament (EP), in Sofia, on 9 June 2024. The PABSEC Delegation was accompanied by Mrs. Pavlina Lozanova, Secretary of the PABSEC Committee for Legal Affairs and International Cooperation.

On Election Day, the PABSEC Delegation visited several polling stations in Sofia and noted that the elections were held in full compliance with the standards of democratic elections. A common assessment of the PABSEC Delegation was that the polls had been well organized, and all the regulations had been strictly followed. The elections passed without any significant incidents and were held transparently. In some polling stations, voting machines were installed and citizens could vote automatically upon their wish.

According to preliminary evaluations, around 29,5% of voters cast their ballots for the parliamentary elections and the electoral threshold was 4%.

Accordingly, the Political Party “GERB-Union of Democratic Forces” received 24,7 % of the votes. The second was “Movement for Rights and Freedom” with 17 %. The Political party “We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria – 14,3% - took third place. The Political party” Revival” gained 13.8% and the Coalition “BSP - For Bulgaria” got 7 %. The Political party “There is Such a People” got 6% of the voters and the Political Party “Greatness” – 4,7%.


The Republic of Bulgaria has 17 members in the EP, which will be elected for the next term - from 2024 to 2029. The allocation of the seats to each EU Member State is based on the principle of proportionality of the population. The total number of seats in the EP is 720.

The turnout throughout the country for the Elections of members to the European Parliament was around 28 %. The electoral threshold for the parties was 5.88%.

According to the preliminary results, the Party “GERB-Union of Democratic Forces” received 5 mandates in the EP, “We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria” - 4 mandates, “The Movement for Rights and Freedoms” - 3 mandates, “Revival” – 3 mandates,  Coalition “BSP - For Bulgaria” got 1 mandate, “There is Such a People” – 1 mandate.