Visit of Mr. Gheorghe-Vlad Nistor, Member of the European Parliament to the PABSEC International Secretariat, Istanbul, 20 May 2024

On 20 May 2024 Mr. Gheorghe-Vlad Nistor, Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, former Head of the PABSEC Romanian Delegation and former PABSEC Vice-President paid a visit to the PABSEC International Secretariat in Istanbul and met with Mr. Asaf Hajiyev, PABSEC Secretary General.

During the meeting, Mr. Gheorghe-Vlad Nistor informed the PABSEC Secretary General about the upcoming elections for the European Parliament to be held from 6-9 June 2024, as well as various aspects of the activities of the European Parliament. 

The PABSEC Secretary General thanked the guest for his visit and informed about the results of the 63rd PABSEC General Assembly, held in Tirana, 13 - 15 May 2024, as well as about the current and future activities of the Assembly. 

The interlocutors exchanged views on the latest developments in the Wider Black Sea Region and agreed about the important position of region in the world arena. The necessity to continue the cooperation between the PABSEC and the European Parliament, within the framework of the previous practice of exchanging delegations was also emphasized. 

Within the framework of the visit, Mr. Nistor informed the staff of the PABSEC International Secretariat about his engagements in the European Parliament, as well as the composition, current activities and priorities of the European Parliament. Mr. Nistor also answered the questions of the staff of the International Secretariat.